invoice for not used bikes

hello, I received an invoice of 40 euros saying that I am using the ov-fiets for a certain period. I used the bikes but i returned them. I already paid what i have used. But there should be a problem that they took the money from me since ı am not using the bikes anymore. Can you help me about what can i do ?
thank you.

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Hello gcavusoglu and welcome to the NS Serviceforum.

Can you describe to me what you did when returning your bikes, where you returned them and how you returned them? This makes it easier for everyone on this forum to think about a possible reason. I'm looking forward to your description.
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Dear gcavusoglu, please send us some extra information. We are better able to help you if we know more about this situation. There are also some OV-Fiets specialists active on Facebook and Twitter, if you send my colleagues a message with your personal information they can look into the details.